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Slum Tour

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Mumbai Slum Tour

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Slum of Mumbai is the largest in Asia. We have taken this Slum for your tour to break the stereotypical tendency and “think out of the box” by visiting the area which is expanded in kilometres. Dharavi is the biggest slum area of Mumbai and has the biggest Dhobi Ghat (Cloths Washing Bay). One of its adjoining sides is attached to coastal areas where a large community of fisherman lives. Slum tour to Mumbai is going to be an altogether new experience.

Delhi Slum Tour

Baljeet Nagar Slum is the largest marked sum area of Delhi accommodation around one million residents. To make you experience the real life of the residents of this area, we have arranged the tour guides who has born and rose in this slum only and have thousands of stories from their every walk of life. They are well aware of the life of people living here, their struggles and how life goes on.

Many NGO are working continuously from past many years to raise the voices on behalf the residents of slum for their betterment and rehabilitation. Walking through the narrow patches where it is difficult to distinguish between the common walkway and an entrance of home, you may likely to develop a different view worth suggesting for making their lives better.

The slum area is a living reality of that every under-developed country which has struggled a lot in optimising its limited recourses to fulfil basic needs of derived population.

The purpose of this tour is to make one understand how life goes on in the acute absence of adequate means of life. This tour is available with or without guide with driver. One can explore the slum areas either in early morning to get know how life starts in these colonies or at the dusk to watch the settling down of life with the sunset. 

Tour Requisites & Know-How:

  • Photography may not be permitted at every area
  • Women should carry modest clothing
  • Intact shoes for a long walk
  • Do carry Scarves or Dupatta

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