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Surrogacy Packages in India

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Rs. 500000/

8300 USD

  • Selection of donor and surrogate
  • Blood Investigation and stimulation of donor
  • Legal paper work
  • IVF Treatment
  • OCR and Embryo transfer


Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD

  • Beta-HCG positive (14-15 days after ET)


Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD

  • Foetal Heart Beat (after 4 weeks)


Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD

  • Starting of 3rd month


Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD

  • Starting of 6th month


Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD

  • Starting of 9th month


Rs. 15 Lakhs

25000 USD


Surrogacy is the process of giving birth to someone's child for the couples who cannot be blessed with the child. In the last few years India has expanded its roots in the Medical tourism industry and now in Surrogacy also and has become the "Surrogacy destination". Surrogacy is a method to the help the people to start their family who unfortunately could not start due to some medical issues. Surrogacy is a complex arrangement and procedure as first the couples have to arrange for a surrogacy mother who will be giving birth to their child. In western countries it is too costly to adopt for the surrogacy packages but in the last few years India has been offering its services to the childless couples at affordable and cost effective rates.  The surrogacy consultations, surrogate mothers, treatments, medications, personalized care are offered at the prices that will not be heavy on your pockets. The experience staff, well trained specialists, latest technologies and English speaking staff will be there to assist you whenever you need them in any field like accommodation, travel arrangement and counseling.

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