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Crown and Bridges

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Dental Crown helps in the restoration of the teeth that are damaged, affected by decay, cracks and chips. The crowns help to restore the structure of the tooth and helps to make smile again and that too like natural one. The crowns are uniquely designed according to the texture, size and color of the teeth. After the crown is placed on the teeth the tooth restores its functionality and works naturally.

Why Dental Crown is needed:

  •     To protect a weak tooth from the decay or to hold parts of the cracked tooth.
  •     To cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't a lot of tooth left.
  •     It is used to strengthen the tooth.
  •     Improve the tooth appearance like color, shape, texture, alignment and to improve the cosmetic modification.
  •     The alignments of the teeth are not proper.
  •     The patient is not able to chew the food properly.
  •     If the tooth are cracked or chipped.
  •     If the tooth need extra support and are weak.
  •     If the chewing surface of the tooth is worn due to grinding.

For the creation of the custom crown firstly the patient's tooth must be prepared, a mold must be taken and then a permanent crown is ready to be placed until then temporary restoration of the tooth is done. Crowns can be made depending on the choice and budget of the patient. Crowns can be made of gold; alloy of metals fused to a porcelain outer shell but after some the metal fused alloy with porcelain start to show the dark gum lines and does not even look attractive. The pure porcelain and ceramic crown are the best option for the natural cosmetic look. The budget of the porcelains depends on the different types and brands of the porcelain depending on the quality of the material. If proper care is taken of the crowns just like the natural teeth, attending periodic checkups and maintaining a good diet can make the crowns last for 15-20 years.

The cost for the crown procedure depends on the quality of the material and crown, number of the tooth to be replaced and the dental clinics. Crowns and Bridges in India are much cost effective as compared to the other developed countries.

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