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Medical Treatment Packages in India

Medical Tourism describes the term of travelling across the world for the wellness and health care. India is expanding its roots in the medical tourism sectors leaving all the developed countries like UK and USA behind. The medical treatment is collaborated with the tourism industry which is cost-effective and for the patients who need surgical and other form of treatment combined with a holiday/ business trip.

Benefit of Medical Tourism

There are many benefits or advantages of Medical Tourism in India with the help of improved quality of global health care, latest technologies. India offers cost effective treatment as compared to the other countries with no waiting list and highly experienced specialist so medical tourist are flocking in India like never before.

The other benefit is High Quality health care as the medical personnel undergo training for many years and achieve expertise in their field. The health care provided is safe, timely, effective, patient centered, efficient and equitable. Each and every patient is given one on one attention with the registered nurses to take care of the patient.

Availability of service immediately is the other key benefit of the Medical tourism in India. In other countries waiting time to undergo the procedure is long and the alternatives treatments like Yoga, Acupuncture and stem cell therapy is not allowed which can be easily done in India.

India has gained an enormous boom in the medical tourism industry and the infrastructure, facilities, well equipped institutes with the latest technologies has added benefit to lure the patients to visit India for their treatment. That's why India is rated amongst the top five tourist destinations worldwide.

Medical tourism in India made a contribution of approximately 6% to the national GDP and 8% of the total employment in India being in the race of one of the fastest growing sectors. Latest technologies, accommodations, hygiene wellness centers, trained staff, well equipped labs, low cost medication and the removed language barrier as communication staff can speak English fluently which removes the communication gap makes the tourism industry one of the hub in terms of medical.

Medical facilities in India

Medical facilities in India have undergone vast change in the last few decades. India offers various medical packages like cosmetic surgery, dental implants, hip resurfacing, heart surgery, Ayurvedic, Neuro surgery and many others. India offers world class medical facilities and component doctors for the treatments.

Highlights of Medical Tourism

• Quality healthcare at reasonable rates.
• Great savings
• Waiting list
• World class doctors and medical specialist
• Indian Medical tourism is estimated to grow to $7-8 billion by 2010
• India hosts about 1.27 billion tourists from across the globe including some of the neighboring country.
• Great infrastructure, latest equipments and low medication cost

Book the medical tour with the help of the medical tourism partner who guides you in each and every step from selection of well accredited hospital to specialist personal and in finding accommodations. The treatment preparations starts before the landing as the specialist will already be in touch with you. Along with the treatment, get on the cruise to know the colorful culture, heritage and past of the diverse nation - India.

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